Black Bird Hotel is located right at the heart of the city. Doors of Black Bird Hotel opens to unique beauties of Istanbul and the magical realm of historical cultural heritage. Embarking you on a voyage in the Ancient Istanbul, our hotel offers you the concealed cultural treasure of Sultanahmet Peninsula within a walking distance.

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“A peaceful and comfortable sleep and quality time …”

All sorts of services for your requirements are available in our comfortable and cozy rooms designed in depth and equipped with unique features and you may enjoy room alternatives tailored for your needs at our hotel.

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“Fresh Delicacies…”

Whether you have a tight or arbitrary schedule, Black Bird Café & Restaurant offers you comprehensive menus consisting of all varieties of crispy and fresh delicacies and snacks of Turkish and world cuisine and our experienced chefs prepare the most convenient menus for your taste prepared under healthy and hygienic conditions.

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“Now it's time to indulge and reward yourself…”

“Purge Your Stress. Start Your Day Fit and Healthy!”

We strive for you to start the new day fit and happy by means of our relieving and recreating services such as wellness, sports, spa, bath, sauna, etc. for you to spare time for yourself after a day of intense pace and stress.

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“Your Meeting Hall is ready for your business meetings!”

We offer our support for your business life with our rooms and halls equipped with professional equipment. You may enjoy our rooms specially prepared for your meeting and conferences with the comfort of your personal office space.

“Shortening the Distances and Saving Time for You!”

Transportation is the most substantial and time-consuming issue in Istanbul where time is precious, and the pace of life is intense. Black Bird Hotel Istanbul is located in close proximity to everyone including the city center. Choose us and let the distances shorten and enjoy your spare moments.

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